California Suite

by Neil Simon


Communicating Doors

by Alan Ayckbourn


Communicating Doors is one of Ayckbourn’s more unusual plays – a murder mystery with a time-travelling theme.  


Poopay, a nice young sex worker, goes to the Regal Hotel to cheer up an ageing businessman.   Unexpectedly, instead of the usual professional requirements, he actually wants to confess to her that his business partner murdered both his wives, and he was complicit in the crimes.      Finding herself in danger, she leaps into a cupboard – only to find it takes her back 20 years to the same hotel – where she meets the second of the two murdered wives, Ruella.    


Between them, can they save both Ruella’s life, and that of the first wife, Jessica – and can they tackle the frightening yet suave character of Julian, the murderer?    Come along and find out.


Communicating Doors premiered on 2 February 1994 at The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough starring Julia McKenzie.

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