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HABEAS CORPUS by Alan Bennett


Auditions:    Thursday 13 June 2024 @ 8 pm @ Theydon Bois Village Hall

Show dates:     17-19 October 2024


I am delighted to announce we will be performing Alan Bennett’s splendid farce ‘Habeas Corpus’ this October, and auditions are as described above.     It is an outrageous, full-blooded farce, complete with mistaken identifies, thwarted liaisons, lost trousers and an awful lot of dashing on and off stage.    Dr Arthur Wickstead – a respected but lecherous Hove Doctor – has an array of interesting characters swirling around his house, and this play gives us a week in their complex lives.    It was written – and will be set in – 1973 (because some things would be hard to update, and anyway – we’ve got some lovely 70s costumes in the mezzanine…..).


Please come along – it would be great to have as large a turn out as we can muster.   The auditions will be in my usual style – I’ll ask people to read the play, whilst sitting or standing out in front of everyone so I can see how people inter-act together.    My fellow audition panellists will be the gorgeous Ms Juliet Willes and the talented Ms Sue Brodie – a member of Tower Theatre in Islington and a very experienced actress.    The characters are as follows – I have not included any ages, as we can adjust people where necessary.     Also, the script does, in some cases, note certain physical characteristics – again, ignore those for now – because all things are relative.


Dr Arthur Wicksteed:    A well-respected Hove GP, with a very well-developed eye for the ladies.

Muriel Wicksteed:   His wife.   Pillar of the Womens Institute, respectable and well-organised, but with secret passions………….

Connie Wicksteed:    Dr W’s frustrated spinster sister.    Engaged to, but not really very keen on……

Canon Throbbing:   The local Vicar.       Who has some distinctly irreligious leanings….

Dennis Wicksteed:   Arthur & Muriel’s hypochondriac son.     A very unprepossessing youth.

Mrs Swabb:  The Wicksteed’s Cockney cleaning lady – and the Narrator of the show

Lady Rumpers:   Widow of a Colonial Colonel, newly returned from Africa and struggling with modern-day British life.     Very, very posh.

Felicity Rumpers:   Lady R’s beautiful, charming daughter – who harbours a secret….

Sir Percy Shorter:   President of the British Medical Association, and one-time boyfriend of Muriel, in Brighton for a Conference…………….

Mr Shanks:  A rather camp and enthusiastic travelling salesman…….


Do call or email me – 07976 122774 or – if you have any questions – and do feel free to come along on the evening, even if you are not auditioning – always great to have an audience.






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